Eine Autotür in Flammen.

HAVERKAMP PROFILON® Car security films

Burglary protection
Occupant protection
Bullet resistant properties

Securing vehicle windows with HAVERKAMP PROFILON® automotive safety films

Protect vehicles effectively with car security films and armor

Car windows are the weak points of vehicles and at the same time indispensable. They pose a high risk of injury to vehicle occupants from break-ins, attacks, assaults or even accidents. HAVERKAMP PROFILON® car safety films reduce the risk of injury and damage.

Please note that in Germany the coating of the A-pillar is only possible with special approval. In the EU and worldwide, different standards apply for the equipment of the A-pillar.


HAVERKAMP PROFILON® automotive safety films


  • Throw-through resistance e.g. in case of vandalism, explosions or attacks
  • shatterproof
  • certified
  • UV protection
  • Minimizes risk of injury
  • Retrofit or original equipment ex works possible
  • ABG - Approval
  • transparent - maintenance-free - scratch-resistant


Throw-through inhibition

Blast resistant

Resistance classes P2A to P4A according to DIN EN 356

Made in Germany

Areas of application

  • Police, fire department, emergency vehicles in crisis areas, military
  • V.I.P. Limousines
  • Rescue vehicles

  • Special protection vehicles
  • Busse
  • agricultural vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles from aid organizations
  • Construction site and special vehicles

  • Service and transport vehicles


Variants of HAVERKAMP PROFILON® automotive security films

Die Fensterscheibe einer Autotür mit Sicherheitsfolie nachdem sie beschädigt wurde. HAVERKAMP PROFILON® AM A1 - P2A according to DIN EN 356 Zwei Polizeiwagen. HAVERKAMP PROFILON® P3A AM - P3A according to DIN EN 356 Eine Autotür mit Sicherheitsfolie, durch die nicht eingebrochen werden konnte. HAVERKAMP PROFILON® P4A AM - P4A according to DIN EN 356

Retrofittable burglary protection with HAVERKAMP PROFILON® automotive security films


The protective film achieves proven and certified resistance class A1 according to DIN 52 290, P2A according to EN 356 and UL 972, which significantly reduces the risk of lightning strikes, vandalism and punctures. Consequently, this car security film is ideally applicable for glazing of service and transport vehicles, but also employee vehicles, for example, in the field.

Resistance classes at a glance

World's first automotive safety films in safety classes P3A and P4A

Developed and produced by HAVERKAMP

These security films are used exclusively to protect the windows of special protection vehicles in working areas with the highest risk level. This area of application includes, among other things, increasing the mobile security of police, fire department, emergency vehicles in crisis areas as well as military and other emergency vehicles that require special protection. The processing of these high security films is carried out exclusively under clean room conditions in the HAVERKAMP factory. Only in this way can the high security promises of the retrofittable automotive security films be met, and a qualitatively flawless installation be guaranteed.

HAVERKAMP Car security technology

Armored car windows, self-tinting and switchable car film
Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP PROFILON® safety and security films


HAVERKAMP car security films have the resistance classes:

  • PROFILON® AM A1: P2A according to EN 356 und UL 972
  • PROFILON® P3A AM: P3A according to DIN EN 356
  • PROFILON® P4A AM: P4A according to DIN EN 356

Overview of resistance classes

HAVERKAMP automotive films are suitable for original equipment directly from the factory or for retrofitting individual vehicles.

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