HAVERKAMP windows tinting films

Improved indoor climate
Effective heat protection
Great variety

HAVERKAMP window films provide effective solar protection for glazing

Windows tinting film as an all-rounder: sun protection, heat protection, glare protection, UV protection and privacy protection of your choice

Heat, sun and glare protection for an optimal room and working climate in summer and low heat loss in winter - conventional glazing cannot always provide this. Windows tinting films are therefore an optimal solution for reducing heat and glare in the room. By reflecting and absorbing solar radiation, the different types of film ensure a comfortable room temperature.
There are various films to choose from: from nearly transparent to tinted and silver reflective. Additional functions such as protection against UV radiation, splinter protection or privacy protection can be combined.

Ohne Sonnenschutzfolie sitzt der Mann mit dem Gesicht direkt vor einem Ventilator. Mit Sonnenschutzfolie sitzt ein Mann gut gelaunt an seinem Schreibtisch.

Comfort factor in the office without / with windows tinting film

HAVERKAMP windows tinting films at a glance


  • Improvement of the indoor climate in summer

  • protect from direct sunlight and from excessive heat exposure

  • Reduction of heat loss through windows in winter

  • short payback periods of the investment

  • available as inner films and outer films

  • Films for retrofitting are self-adhesive

  • available in many intensities and tints (from light to dark)

  • block UV radiation by up to 99.9%.

  • Suitable for retrofitting to any glazing of a building or to be processed directly in the glass manufacturing process

  • for all glass surfaces, including skylights, especially conservatories, production halls, offices, private houses or shop windows

  • scratch resistant surface

  • Particularly resistant and easy to clean

  • Residue-free removal and maintenance-free

  • Additional functions such as splinter or privacy protection can be combined


Heat protection

Different degrees of tint

Quick installation

Broad product portfolio

Scratch resistant

Trick mirror effect

Mounting inside and outside

Variants of HAVERKAMP windows tinting films

Reflektierende Sonnenschutzfolie an einer Glasfassade. Reflective sunscreen Fensterscheiben mit wenig getönter Sonnenschutzfolie. Die Sonne scheint stark hinein. Untinted sunshade Dunkel getönte Sonnenschutzfolie an einer Glasfassade. windows tinting film Demonstration des Spiegeleffekts einer Spionspiegelfolie. Spy mirror film

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Windows tinting films tested by Stiftung Warentest: HAVERKAMP is test winner!

In the summer of 2021, Stiftung Warentest put a total of eleven windows tinting films under the microscope for heat protection and light transmission. One of two test winners in the highly reflective windows tinting film category with an overall rating of GOOD 2.2 comes from HAVERKAMP.

HAVERKAMP Silver 20R sr Primus Plus reduces room temperature by 22 degrees
Especially in summer, when the sun shines intensively, rooms heat up quickly. Unpleasant to dangerous temperatures can arise for people and animals. The windows tinting film Silver 20R sr Primus Plus provides a remedy and has been proven to reduce room temperature. The film, which provides solar control, heat protection and UV protection, is available as a retrofit solution or as an interlayer film for processing in the glass manufacturing process.


HAVERKAMP e-Calculator determines the perfect film-glass combination.
Let us calculate the effectiveness of our windows tinting films with the existing glazing: with the HAVERKAMP e-Calculator!

HAVERKAMP e-Calculator
Example calculation
HAVERKAMP windows tinting film Optimal 70
Flat glass films
HAVERKAMP Flachglasfolien
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP windows tinting films



Sun protection for light allergy sufferers

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Use of HAVERKAMP window tinting films

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Friedenssaal Münster

use of HAVERKAMP window tinting films

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Film is a sustainable material for retrofitting optical and physical properties to glass or vertical windows, skylights and doors of a building.
Retrofittable windows tinting films from HAVERKAMP upgrade existing glazing with convincing heat, glare and UV protection properties.
Compared to a complete glass replacement, a film retrofit is significantly more CO2-efficient in production!

Windows tinting films or heat protection films are easy to clean. The known cleaning agents for glass can be used. Please make sure not to use any abrasive cloths, sponges or cleaners and to avoid aggressive cleaning agents.

Yes, a film with sun protection is always translucent. Otherwise, you will recognize the addition 'Blackout' or 'opaque' in the product name of a film.
HAVERKAMP's thermal protection films are available in different intensities. Please feel free to call us so that we can determine the right film with sun protection for you.

HAVERKAMP windows tinting films are easy to clean, particularly resistant and insensitive to scratches. They are maintenance-free.

High quality solar protection films such as HAVERKAMP films keep the heat out. However, the effectiveness of the heat protection depends on the particular film variant. Reflective windows tinting films with an outer reflective surface reflect the sun's rays so that the heat does not completely pass through the glazing into the room.

HAVERKAMP windows tinting film in tint silver 20 is also available as a variant for polycarbonate and PMMA.

Depending on the variant, tinted sun protection films offer glare protection and, in addition, good heat protection. That is why they are sometimes called heat protection films or anti-glare films.

The HAVERKAMP windows tinting film as a peephole mirror film is mirrored from the outside in daylight and thus opaque. From the inside it is tinted gray, so that sufficient daylight can also enter. This mirror effect is reversed when the light conditions outside and inside change. If it is brighter inside than outside, the film has a see-through effect from the outside to the inside. As a flat glass film, mirror films always work with the trick mirror effect. For permanent privacy protection we recommend our HAVERKAMP privacy films.

HAVERKAMP regularly offers its dealers training and workshops for assembly.

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Different technical compositions of glass and windows require different processing techniques also in the film area. To determine the type of glass and thus the ideal film for windows or glass fronts, the U-value of the glass is decisive. HAVERKAMP has therefore developed two different types of windows tinting film to optimally meet these requirements. That is why HAVERKAMP windows tinting films are available both as inner films and as outer films. Below we explain the differences:

  • Windows tinting film for exterior use
    Functional glazing - glass which must be used in new buildings - already has its own thermal insulation function due to its composition. If the U-value is below 2.8, an exterior film is recommended in any case. These values apply to colored films. The danger of glass cracking does not exist with clear films or films with an absorption value of up to 20%.
    The installation of an additional absorbing windows tinting film on the inner pane could lead to glass cracking due to thermal stress. The use of a HAVERKAMP outer film, on the other hand, eliminates this risk. The films have a long life expectancy and are particularly resistant to scratche
  • Windows tinting film for interior use
    With so-called "single-pane glass", which is used in particular in old buildings, both interior and exterior films can be installed. In the case of "simple insulating glass" (approx. up to year of construction 1995), inner films with an absorption value of max. 42 % can be processed.
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