OPALFILM® Anti-vandalism films

 OPALFILM® films for protection against vandalism, graffiti, scratch damage and other property damage – can be easily retrofitted. In the event of damage, they are simply replaced, which is less expensive than replacing glass panes.

Characteristics at a glance

  • Clear, virtually transparent
  • Suitable for glass and plastic substrates
  • Suitable for exterior and interior use
  • Can be easily removed after sustaining scratching, graffiti or other damage – no cost-intensive replacement of glazing and panes
  • High level of light permeability

Areas of application

  • Shop windows
  • Bus shelters
  • Underground railway stations
  • Public transportation
  • Display cabinets
  • Window fronts

Film variations

  • Anti-vandalism film, clear, for PC and PMMA
  • Anti-vandalism film, clear, for glass

OPALFILM® Anti-vandalism films

Defaced shop windows, scratched glass panes in buses and bus shelters, and graffiti on underground train windows, window fronts and plastic surfaces – all forms of damage that are commonly found in public urban spaces. The high cost of replacing damaged panes translates to costs amounting to millions a year in remedying the damage. Moreover, the process is never-ending, as vandals are almost certain to return to deface the newly cleaned surfaces.

OPALFILM® Anti-vandalism films are an ideal and cost-effective retrofit solution. These high-performance transparent films protect glass and plastic substrates from scratch and spray damage. They are suitable both for external and internal use and are easy to replace. Since they are clear and transparent, they are invisible in use. The films can be replaced quickly and simply, thanks to the use of special, soluble adhesive, while the nano-coating facilitates easy cleaning.