OPALFILM® Shielding

Benefits of OPALFILM® Shielding films at a glance:

  • OPALFILM® Shielding is a window film that is designed to protect glass surfaces from eavesdropping attacks
  • They block RF and IR radiation in the 4-10 GHz frequency range
  •  Retrofit solution for a wide range of glass types
  • Also designed for optimum protection against heat, glare and ultraviolet radiation
  • OPALFILM® Shielding films are available in a wide variety of tints and colours
  • Scratch-insensitive and low-maintenance

Areas of application

  • Companies with research and development departments
  • Public administrations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Office buildings
  • Production areas
  • Private residences, for shielding against radio signal interference

Film colours and variations

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Light grey


OPALFILM® Shielding

OPALFILM® Shielding films are retrofittable window films that block the paths of wireless and openly transmitted electronic data radiating from laptops, mobile telephones, cordless telephones and other equipment, thus seriously impeding the passage of such signals through glass panels from the inside of a building to the outside. At the same time, the film protects individuals, for instance in private residential buildings, by shielding them from dangerous electromagnetic radiation from outside. As a pleasant side-effect, OPALFILM® Shielding films also provide protection against heat, glare and UV radiation.

The films are particularly suitable for companies with their own research and development departments as well as for public administrations. They represent a reliable and cost-effective retrofit solution.