PDLC technology

Switchable smart glass films: flexible privacy protection at the touch of a button
- make glass smart!

Impressive transformation with PDLC technology

With the switchable smart glass films in the ClickFilm® series, we offer innovative solutions for optimizing glass surfaces and rooms. The intelligent technology changes the transparency of glass surfaces with a simple click. You can switch to privacy or different levels of light transmission in milliseconds. The self-adhesive smart films are perfect for retrofitting. They are also available as interlayer films for glass production. The different types open up a wide range of design options.

Switchable smart glass films: advantages for your customers

Flexible privacy protection

Glass surfaces from transparent to opaque with just one click. Light transmission can be flexibly adjusted.

return on investment

Solar and UV radiation is reduced: improved indoor climate and lower energy consumption.

Versatile in use

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® is suitable for many applications: in industry, architecture and the automotive sector.

Retrofit or interlayer

ClickFilm® films are available as self-adhesive films for retrofitting or for glass bonding in production.
- learn more about interlayer films

We are looking for partners: With HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® you benefit from strong advantages

  • Innovative product group with high demand
  • Development of profitable customer groups
  • Training by specialists for best installation
  • Sales support


PDLC technology

In-house developed systems

Short switching time

Dynamic privacy

High light transmission

Reduced energy costs



99% UV protection

How switchable glass films work

Switching from privacy protection to clear is done using a button, remote control or app. The controller developed in-house controls the power supply to the liquid crystal polymers in the film. The crystals are brought into an ordered position by the voltage. The ClickFilm® film appears transparent. If the voltage is interrupted, the liquid crystals move into a disordered arrangement. This provides privacy protection.

Switchable smart glass films: the right product for each of your customers

With our range of different ClickFilm® films, you benefit from a wide variety of possible applications. We are constantly developing our products so that you can offer your customers the best solutions.
Here you will find an overview of our switchable PDLC films:

ClickFilm® Classic white
ClickFilm® Classic white

ClickFilm® the classic.
Switchable film for a wide range of projects. Easy to process.

ClickFilm® segments
ClickFilm® segments

The smart film is available with segment switching. A special technique is used here in which individual sections of the film can be switched separately using a precise process to enable different functionalities.

ClickFilm® grey light
ClickFilm® grey light

Create a pleasant ambience with our light gray ClickFilm® variant.

ClickFilm® gray dark
ClickFilm® gray dark

The more intense gray for cooler aesthetics, optimal privacy protection and an elegant look.

ClickFilm® Reverse: Privacy protection taken a step further

ClickFilm® Reverse is a further development: instead of conventional PDLC technology, it uses PNLC technology. This enables transparency without power supply. This means that this premium film is transparent when switched off. When it is switched on and supplied with electricity, it becomes opaque.
The big plus is its safety relevance: if the power supply is interrupted due to a power failure, defects or other circumstances, it becomes clear. Emergency vehicles can thus be used without risk, and in offices a visual danger signal is possible. As a bonus, it also saves electricity when it is clear and therefore without power consumption. ClickFilm® Reverse is one of the latest developments, with excellent technical values and is therefore in the higher price range than standard switchable films.

Overview of technical data for retrofitting switchable films

Features ClickFilm® classic white ClickFilm® reverse ClickFilm® white/clear segments 15 cm ClickFilm® light grey/clear ClickFilm® dark grey/clear
Transmission ON / OFF 82% / 65% 9% / 88% 82% / 65% 60 ± 5% / >35% 45 ± 5% / >35%
Haze ON / OFF <2,8% / 96% <92% / < 10% <2,8% / < 96% 3% / >98% 3% / >98%
Operating temperature -20°C to +65°C -10°C to +60°C -20°C to +65°C -20°C to +95°C -20°C to +95°C
Operating voltage 60V / 65 VAC 65VAC +/-5VAC 60V / 65VAC 48V / 65 VAC 48V / 65 VAC
Power consumption < 5 W/m² < 5 W/m < 5 W/m < 5 W/m < 5 W/m
Switching time ON / OFF < 150ms < 5ms < 150ms ≤ 100ms ≤ 100ms
Switching time OFF / ON < 10ms < 5ms < 10ms ≤ 10ms ≤ 10ms
Color in switched state white clear white light gray dark gray

Offer switchable smart glass films in many industries and areas

Smart films: flexible, modern, efficient

With switchable smart glass films from HAVERKAMP, you will find new customers in many attractive areas. Offer the optimum for everyone. From transparent see-through to discreet privacy protection - perfect for modern architecture, industrial applications, automotive areas and much more.


Schaltbare Folie in den Büroräumen des ADAC in Essen.
Banks & Insurances
Privacy protection at the touch of a button for data protection in advisory situations.
Mechanical engineering
Privacy protection for more work safety.
Office landscapes
Simply switch meeting rooms from transparent to discreet.
Privacy for treatment and therapy rooms.
Retail trade
Privacy protection and advertising space as required.
Simple visual room partitioning depending on space requirements.
Transportation / Automotive
Sun protection at the touch of a button.
Modern design option easy to retrofit.
Privacy protection at the touch of a button offers security and protection against spying.
Special solutions
Have a specific project in mind? Just get in touch with us!

Structure of the smart films in the glass laminate

ClickFilm® Controller - made by HAVERKAMP

With our in-house developed transformers, you get the complete solution for each of your customer projects. The transformers can be used to switch, dim or partially control the films individually.

  • developed and manufactured by HAVERKAMP
  • produced to the highest standards
  • simple installation
  • maximum safety
  • small, unobtrusive housing
  • minimum power consumption
  • various control options

Your best argument

With the switchable sample of our ClickFilm® film, you can impressively present the function of the switchable films to your customers. The presentation in a high-quality and handy format will inspire and convince at every customer meeting.

Possible uses of HAVERKAMP ClickFilm®

Technical data sheet
Product sheet

Frequently asked questions about switchable films

In which colors are the switchable smart glass films available?

The matt finish (= privacy protection) is available in white and gray. Also available in light/dark gray for vehicle windows in cars or caravans.

How can smart glass films be cleaned?

ClickFilm® switchable smart glass films are easy to clean, but should only be cleaned with cleaning agents recommended by HAVERKAMP.

Do switchable smart glass films offer UV protection?

Yes, the products offer UV protection of 99 % of the incoming UV-A and UV-B rays. The UV transmission of our switchable films is therefore < 1 % (300 - 380 nm).

Which transformer do I need to use for my switchable smart glass film?

The power transformers developed by HAVERKAMP are available in different versions. Up to 45 m2 of glass surfaces coated with ClickFilm® can be controlled with one HAVERKAMP power transformer.
You can connect several films to one transformer. We will be happy to help you choose the right transformer.

Can switchable films be dimmed?

Yes, the specially developed transformer means that switchable films can also be dimmed as an option. Several switching functions are possible with just one transformer.

How long is the service life of smart glass films?

The service life is > 80,000 hours in ON mode.

How many switching operations are possible?

More than 2,000,000 gear changes are possible.

How much sound absorption do switchable smart glass films provide?

The smart glass films in the ClickFilm® series have a sound absorption of 35db.

How thick is the soldering point?

The soldering point has a thickness of approx. 0.7 mm - 0.8 mm.

How wide is the copper strip including the connection technology?

The busbar has a width of 6 mm.

How heavy is switchable smart glass film?

1 m² of switchable film weighs approx. 0.90 kg.

What colors are the cover strips?

The cover strip in gray has the RAL shade 7030 - stone gray

Which silicone is suitable for installation?

Only transparent HAVERKAMP silicone may be used for installation.

How are cable transitions bridged?

We recommend using cable/line transitions. Be sure to discuss the details with the electrician carrying out the work.

Can window adhesive be used for bonding ClickFilm®?

No. Window adhesive must never get onto the ClickFilm®. The windshield works in the installed state, the adhesive is firmly attached to the frame. This pulls the film apart and it no longer switches.

How do you use switchable smart glass film as a projection surface?

Correctly, it is a rear projection. This means that the resolution of the material played back is blurred on the side facing away from the film. On the side facing away from the film, the resolution is sharp. This means that the projector must be positioned behind the surface for presentations.

The film appears cloudy after installation, what can be done?

You can try to reactivate the crystals with the help of many small circuits.

What happens if the film is not switched every 72 hours?

If the film is not switched for 3-4 days, that's not a bad thing. However, it should not become the rule. If there are such long breaks in use, the switching of the film will slow down. An automatic switch can provide a remedy, ask your electrician about this.

What happens if the working temperatures are exceeded or not reached?
  1. If the temperature falls below this value, the circuit slows down.
  2. If the temperature is exceeded, the ClickFilm® becomes transparent and does not become milky again.
In what temperature range can switchable film be used?

The operating temperature for ClickFilm® regular is between -20°C and +60°C. The values for our other switchable films in the ClickFilm® range can be found in the technical details tab or in the download area in the technical data sheet

What do black dots in the switchable smart glass film mean?

Black dots within the switchable smart glass film are areas that are "broken". They are caused by excessive operating voltage or a production defect in the base material. These films/glasses must not be put into operation. (De-energize!) and must be replaced!

How are smart glass films installed?

HAVERKAMP switchable smart glass films are pre-cut to size before the product is installed. They are dry-mounted. Are you a film processor and would like to offer switchable films to your customers? We make you fit for sales and installation. In our ClickFilm® seminar you will receive the necessary know-how

Where are the cables for smart glass films attached?

As each film is made to measure, the side of the cable connection can be selected individually. We always recommend connecting on a long edge. We would be happy to advise you on this!

Can you see the cables after installation?

No, the cables are always covered by a strip so as not to detract from the visual appearance.

Can PDLC films be mounted together?

Yes, that is possible. The switchable films are mounted at a distance of less than 1 mm. The so-called joint edge must then be sealed, which is visually very inconspicuous.

Can switchable smart glass films be mounted outside?


Can a switchable film be removed without leaving any residue?

Thanks to the special adhesive, all HAVERKAMP films can be removed without leaving any residue. You can simply peel the switchable film off the glass. If adhesive residue remains on the pane, it can be removed with glass cleaner and a glass scraper. Please note that you will not be able to reuse the switchable film afterwards.

Installation on a glass partition wall (all-glass)

Preparation: The expansion joint is sprayed with silicone, cut open slightly and cleaned. After installation, silicone is carefully applied to the edge area and the groove.

Installation on an all-glass door
  1. chamfered edge: stay back 1 mm
  2. Solder connection point at the top or on the hinge side
  3. Solder resist over the contacts
  4. Insulating tape over the connections so that it cannot conduct
  5. A U-profile is placed over the soldering point and the cables are led out to the hinge side so that the cable transition can be laid
Which silicone is suitable for installation?

Only transparent HAVERKAMP silicone may be used for installation.

Is installation on sliding doors possible

In principle, installation of ClickFilm® on sliding doors is feasible. The following must be clarified in advance: How does the electricity get to the relevant sliding door? This must be clarified with the window fitter and electrician. It is possible to lay the cables using a cable carrier system. However, it should be noted that the cables with the system hang on the side of the sliding door like a monkey swing and are permanently visible.

Can switchable smart glass film be used in bathing establishment?

Yes, this is possible - the film must be specially sealed with silicone to ensure that the edges are sealed correctly and without defects so that no moisture can penetrate. You can only be 100% sure that nothing will happen with switchable glass.

Can switchable smart glass film be applied to fire-resistant glazing?

The fire protection properties of fire doors are not changed when the film is applied. The installation side is always the side facing away from the fire.

Can smart glass film be mounted on polycarbonate panes?

No. The material is too unstable as a substrate and the concave and convex bending causes detachment.

Can smart glass films be used in the sauna?

No. Neither on the inside nor on the outside. The switchable film becomes transparent at the temperatures (approx. 80 - 100 degrees) that prevail in the sauna.

Can the transformer also be used abroad, where the voltage is different (e.g. in the USA, where only 110V comes out of the socket)?

No, the transformer is only designed for 230V.

How long is the cable to the transformer?

A maximum cable length of 15 meters can be laid to the transformer.

What kind of cable goes from the transformer to the wall switch (12m² and 24m² transformer)

A shielded TCP cable or LAN cable runs from the transformer to the wall switch.

What protection class do the transformers have?

The transformers have protection class 1.

Does the transformer C77047 have a potential-free contact?

No, the C77047 transformer does NOT have a potential-free contact.

Does the C77047 transformer have an IEC plug?

Yes, it does, but it has a special one, namely a "cloverleaf" plug, which is the one you usually have on laptop power supplies

Are the transformers suitable for furniture installation?

No. They do not have the prescribed overheating protection that is required for installation in furniture. This means that transformers installed in furniture must switch off automatically at a certain temperature.

Can an external timer be used between the socket/distributor and the transformer?

Yes, this is possible. An external timer has no negative influence on the service life of the transformer.

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