Hygienic protection film in Münster

Project report Hygienic protection films for the hotel and catering industry

Italian restaurant Piccolo Mondo, Münster

The situation

The restaurant trade in NRW has been open again since mid-May 2020 after a long period of compulsory Corona closure. However, strict requirements for Corona protection must be complied with. The industry is suffering from a massive drop in sales, but investments must still be made in the required hygiene concepts: to contain the crisis and for the health of the guests. Flexible concepts are required which, on the one hand, allow the highest possible number of guests and, on the other hand, really protect both guests and employees. The owners bear a great responsibility. "Only if guests feel safe will they come back to visit a restaurant now that the lockdown is over," says Carmello Tinnirello, owner of the small Italian restaurant "Piccolo Mondo" in a suburb of Münster (Westphalia).

The requirement

The Italian was also looking for a way to ensure the necessary spacing between tables in the cozy but already cramped premises of his trattoria, to implement hygiene protection, but at the same time to achieve a minimum occupancy rate of guests. "Safe, practical and space-saving at the same time - these were the requirements I had," he says. After a short research, he sought advice from the film specialist HAVERKAMP. The company responded directly to market demands during the first weeks of the Corona crisis and developed a transparent hygienic protection film that can be inserted into various systems, providing more protection while allowing more personal contact.

The solution

After consultation, Carmello Tinnirello decided on the HAVERKAMP® Contact-SHIELD - a fixed curtain consisting of the transparent hygienic protection film with a low thickness of 100µ and aluminum rails for suspension and stabilization. The film has a clear view, is easy to clean and of course disinfectable and resistant to disinfectants. It is also space-saving and variable due to the different lengths possible. "That made positioning the tables a lot easier for me," says Tinnirello. "In addition, the film is really thin, so it is hardly distracting. On the one hand, the guests feel separated and safe, but on the other hand, they don't feel shielded from everything that's going on in the trattoria, and that's what the atmosphere in such a small restaurant thrives on. I can really recommend this system."

HAVERKAMP uses the hygienic protection film in fixed hangings, in variable adjustable roller blinds or also in mobile partition walls. All three systems are extremely flexible to handle and protect against infections - flexibility and safety that are particularly necessary in the current situation.

Italian restaurant, Münster

Compliance with the hygienic protection requirements regarding Corona


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