Sun and glare protection in Bremen

Project report HAVERKAMP variable sun protection systems and films

bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, Bremerhaven (D)

The company

Bremenports GmbH & Co. KG has been operating the Port of Bremen/Bremerhaven since 2002. An important building block of the port structure are five locks - including the Kaiserschleuse, which at the time was the largest sea lock in the world at 223m. Over time, Bremerhaven has developed into one of the most important container and car ports in Europe, handling over 5.9 million containers annually. As the lock became too small for the ever larger cargo ships, extensive reconstruction measures were necessary until 2011, which also affected the control center.

The current requirement

The central control station in the new 12m high tower forms the heart of the new lock, which has been equipped with large windows. This allows the lockmaster a panoramic view of the lock. With the help of numerous monitors and navigation instruments, shipping traffic is controlled and monitored there. Since the sun's rays through the windows and skylights caused disturbing reflections on the monitors, glare-free and safe working was no longer possible. Bremenports was therefore looking for a solution that would provide perfect glare protection at different sun angles. In addition, the operator attached great importance to a room darkening system that at the same time maintains the free view to the outside that is absolutely necessary for the employees. Project manager Arnd Winkel, managing director of plan B RAUM Einrichtung, consulted with the film specialist HAVERKAMP and quickly found the right solution.

The solution

The use of HAVERKAMP variable solar control systems in combination with HAVERKAMP tints for residential windows in the skylight area proved to be an effective measure: The basic material consists of low-reflection and highly light-absorbing film hangings or flat glass films certified by Germanischer Lloyd, which meet all nautical requirements and ensure glare-free work at the monitors. In addition, there are a total of six trapezoidal windows in the modern new building with inclined glazing. It was also possible to accommodate these individual structural conditions with custom-made products.
For the pilots of the Emden sea lock, this solution is a considerable relief, because now they can regulate the light depending on the angle of the sun's rays and still look outside.
"We were particularly impressed by the comparatively fast installation, as it did not unnecessarily disrupt the employees' work processes. The fact that the building, which was only completed in 2011, did not have to be structurally or visually altered to achieve the desired effect was another plus point," sums up Dipl.-Ing. Frank Repert, project manager at bremenports GmbH & Co. KG

Establishment, Osterholz-Scharmbeck

Building owner:
bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, Bremerhaven


  • Glare-free and safe working
  • Room darkening with free view to the outside
  • Compliance with nautical requirements



Interior view of the Kaiserschleuse with glare and sun protection

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