Retrofitting glass surfaces with security film

Project Report PROFILON® ER1

Government building Oslo (N)

The security concept

Between 2007 and the end of 2010, Mil Sec, HAVERKAMP's exclusive trading partner in Norway, installed around 15,000 square meters of PROFILON® ER1 security film on the windows of government buildings in Oslo's city center on behalf of the Norwegian government. The installation of this high-performance film was intended to contain the effects of an explosion in the event of a terrorist attack and to protect people from life-threatening shrapnel in the dense district, which is built with many glass buildings. 

The attack

On the afternoon of July 22, 2011, the powerful explosion of a car bomb almost completely destroyed the government quarter in Oslo. Eight people were killed and ten were seriously injured. The explosion occurred between the Ministry of Oil and Energy and a 17-story high-rise building housing several ministries and the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The bomb, based on 950 kilograms of ANFO, was detonated in a VW Crafter van. The blast wave destroyed building facades within a one-kilometer radius. There was debris in the streets around the attack site.

The protective function 

During the explosive attack in the Norwegian capital, the PROFILON® ER1 safety film proved its protective function and reliability. 
Although some window frames were completely pushed out of the reveal by the force of the explosion, the film held the glass surfaces together and thus prevented the life-threatening flying splinters. "Despite all the consternation about the attack, we at HAVERKAMP are proud to have prevented an even greater catastrophe here. In Oslo, people are expressing their appreciation that many people owe their lives and health to the defensive effect of the safety film," says Ulrich Haverkamp, owner and managing director of HAVERKAMP GmbH.
Profilon® ER1 security films are used worldwide on buildings that are particularly at risk from attacks. The blast-resistant properties have been confirmed by a recognized endurance test. The multilayer film laminate with a thickness of 475 μ is mounted on the pane from the inside and connected to the window frame in an extremely stable manner via an edge bond. The highly specialized technology of PROFILON® ER1 has an additional anti-throw-through effect, is flame retardant and fire flashover resistant.

Norwegian government 

Security requirement:
Retrofitting simple glass surfaces and window fronts of government buildings to mitigate the effects of terrorist attacks (flying fragments).

High-performance safety film PROFILON® ER1

Surface area:
> 15.000 m²

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