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Project report HAVERKAMP ECOLUX film for windows insulation

Hotel Casa Camper, Berlin (D)

The company

Hotel Casa Camper in Berlin is located in the middle of the lively and historical core of the capital, the area around the hotel is one of the most popular in the city. A total of 51 ultra-modern rooms and suites characterize the hotel. Hotel concept and interior design were created by Spanish architects Fernando Amat and Jordi Tio. The bedrooms and bathrooms have generous window fronts, and the incident daylight completes the feel-good effect in the rooms. The demand for the rooms and the positive feedback from guests are high.

The current requirement

In addition to the hotel rooms, the spacious lobby on the top floor of the hotel particularly catches the eye: over 70m2 of laminated safety glass with a sun protection function offer guests a wide view over the rooftops of Berlin. However, there is one problem: Due to the large window fronts, the lobbyzmmer again heated up enormously - winter and summer. The room climate was not ideal. The feel-good effect that was supposed to be offered to the guests turned into the opposite. As a temporary solution, the problem was initially addressed with a mobile air conditioning system. However, this was not consistently in line with the hotel's philosophy: the responsible use of resources and the environment.

The solution

With the HAVERKAMP ECOLUX film for windows insulation a long-term and more environmentally friendly solution to the problem was finally found: In addition to the qualitative properties of the ECOLUX films, the hotel operators were particularly convinced by the prompt implementation. In addition, the uncomplicated installation did not disturb the daily hotel routine or the hotel guests.
And the result is impressive:
With the films, a balance could be found between light transmission, reduction of energy costs and effective sun protection. The exterior appearance did not have to be changed for this purpose, and the cooling energy requirement was significantly reduced. For Uwe Wurch, technical manager of Casa Camper, the advantages are also clear:
"Reduction of energy costs, improvement of the CO2 balance, short payback period and significant optimization of the indoor climate. We have achieved all this with the retrofit and are thus true to our philosophy again."

Hotel Casa Camper, Berlin

Minimize the strong heating of the lobby in summer and the high cooling energy load of the air conditioning system. At the same time, the existing appearance of the building was preserved

Film for windows insulation HAVERKAMP ECOLUX

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