Shatter protection of glass surfaces in the immediate vicinity of open production and packaging facilities

Project report HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film

LSG Sky Food, Alzey (D)

The company

LSG Sky Food is an international provider of frozen meals for airline catering and related markets based in Alzey, Rhineland-Palatinate. LSG Sky Food is part of the LSG Sky Chefs group, which is a global leader in in-flight services. The company was founded in 1994 and in 2011 produced more than 35 million frozen meals with 380 employees.

The current requirement

The International Food Standard (IFS) regularly checks compliance with quality and food safety. Any company in the industry can undergo the audit and thus obtain a seal that guarantees quality. For July 2012, the IFS auditorium had announced a further tightening of the standards. This included shatter protection of glass surfaces in the immediate vicinity of open production and packaging facilities. The IFS auditors recommended that LSG Sky Food further optimize the windows of the entire production area on the first floor by means of shatter protection. Thus, in the event of glass breakage, splinters should be prevented from getting into the food in any case.

The solution

Retrofitting with HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film. promised a solution. This high-performance film reliably and effectively protects glass surfaces and window fronts in the food-producing industry and meets the requirements of the IFS. Due to its high shatter resistance, the film stabilizes glass surfaces and protects against flying shards in the event of breakage. The 115μ to 230μ thick film systems give the glass properties of laminated safety glazing. They have been tested and classified in accordance with DIN EN 12600 by the Materials Testing Office (MPA) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The film systems are highly transparent, reduce UV radiation by up to 99 percent and let in plenty of daylight.

LSG Sky Food, Alzey

Implementation of new standard of the International Food Standard: protection against flying splinters


HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film

Surface area:
>100 Square meters

Protection against glass fragments in food processing

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