Protection in the event of explosive attacks, against the throwing in of windows and burglary

Project Report Security Film PROFILON®

Jewish Community, Lörrach

The object

Jewish life in Lörrach has its place in the center of the city. The Israelite religious community has therefore built its synagogue and the adjoining community center in the center. For over 20 years, Jewish festivals have been celebrated here, vigils and commemorations have been held, concerts have been held and readings have been organized. The Jewish community center is a place where numerous people come together. The congregation now has more than 450 members. The congregation's meeting rooms are on the ground floor. Already during the construction phase two decades ago, emphasis was placed on the safety of the congregation members and on securing the building. Laminated safety glass was installed in the congregation hall to prevent possible attacks - which unfortunately occur again and again in Jewish congregations. In the wake of current developments, increased threat scenarios due to attacks in inner cities and increased insecurity within the community, the board of the Lörrach community once again put the security of the building to the test.

The requirement

Windows and glazing in a building are among the most sensitive areas from a security point of view, including those in the community center. Despite a basic protection with VSG, it was the wish of the board to protect the community members more strongly. One of the issues addressed was greater protection in the event of a possible explosive attack, as well as protection against lightning strikes or arson attacks.

The solution

After a thorough analysis, HAVERKAMP security consultants advised to additionally coat the glass of the community center with the blast-resistant security film PROFILON® ER1. It was developed to increase the resistance value of the glass and to prevent life-threatening flying fragments in the event of a detonation. Its effectiveness has been confirmed in a recognized shock tube test. PROFILON® ER1 safety film is used on buildings at particular risk. It is also puncture-resistant and therefore also protects against lightning strikes and puncture with stones or incendiary devices. Thus, the lower floor of the community center was also equipped with this security film. Due to the transparency of the film, the room does not lose any daylight. "As before, the rooms are pleasantly bright, but our community members now feel much safer," says State Rabbi Moshe Flomenmann

Community Center, Jewish Community (Lörrach)

Protection in case of explosive attacks, against window breaking and burglary in addition to laminated safety glass.

Security film PROFILON® ER1

Surface area:
90 m²

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