UV and heat protection in Hanover: preventing heating and fading

Project Report HAVERKAMP Sun and UV Protection

Lower Saxony State Museum, Hanover (D)

The company

The Lower Saxony State Museum in Hanover has been freely accessible for more than 100 years and already impresses visitors with its traditionally tasteful exterior appearance. For those interested in art and culture, the museum offers a comprehensive program of various exhibitions.

The requirement

The State Museum impresses on the one hand with its architectural style and on the other hand with the design of the interior. Sun-drenched and above all spacious rooms characterize the museum. As a result, the rooms heat up very quickly - especially in the summer months - so that there is no pleasant feeling of well-being for visitors to the Landesmuseum. In addition, there is the risk of fading for the exhibits if they are permanently exposed to sunlight. Another challenge is the museum's single-pane glasses in special shapes (semicircular). As a result, a solution had to be found that would provide both thermal protection and UV protection and would adapt well to the special shapes. In addition, no major structural measures were allowed to be introduced due to the building's listed status..

The solution

In this case, the HAVERKAMP window tints Neutral 75N sr Primus is the solution. With the help of this special tints for residential windows, it has been possible to apply highly effective heat and UV protection combined with the least possible change to the building's exterior appearance. Not only the visual perception is positive: "The rooms no longer heat up as quickly as before the film was installed. The room temperature has improved significantly," according to the Hanover State Museum. Due to the use of the latest nanotechnology, HAVERKAMP window tints Neutral 75N sr Primus is able to protect against direct heat radiation. In addition, the cooling load of the air-conditioning systems installed in some rooms can be reduced and thus the energy costs. In the course of this, the CO2 balance of the building is also positively influenced. It is not yet possible to say how much the CO2 balance of the State Museum will be influenced. However, there are indications of an extremely positive development. "In any case, we are very satisfied with the result of the foil installation so far," says the State Construction Management Hanover


State Construction Management, Hanover


  • Powerful heat and UV protection
  • with simultaneous high optical neutrality

HAVERKAMP Sun protection film Neutral 75N sr Primus

>400 Square meter

Building Landesmuseum Hannover with sun and UV protection

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