Sun and heat protection for sensitive exhibits

Project report HAVERKAMP window tints

Friedenssaal, Münster

The object

Münster's Peace Hall is a part of the city's historic town hall. The Peace Hall got its name in 1648, when the Peace of Westphalia was concluded in the hall. The original furnishings can still be seen in the hall today. Because of this and because of its historical significance, the Peace Hall in Münster's city center enjoys great popularity among visitors from all over the world. In April 2015, the Peace Hall was awarded the European Heritage Label by the European Commission.

The current requirement

The Peace Hall in the historic city hall of Münster is open to visitors as a museum.

A special feature is the exhibition of original exhibits, which were removed from storage before the Second World War and are now presented to the public true to the original. The furnishings, some of which are over 400 years old, are particularly susceptible to direct sunlight and the aggression of UV rays. For this reason, those responsible sought a solution that would protect the exhibits from fading and at the same time not detract from the historic appearance of the hall. The significant surroundings were also not to be damaged or altered, especially during the work. Another particular challenge was the windows themselves, which were to be retrofitted and each consist of over 300 individual glass elements.

The solution

HAVERKAMP sun protection experts advised special tints for windows: HAVERKAMP window tints Imperial 65S. By applying this special film to the total of more than 1,300 bull's-eye panes of the existing windows on the south side of the building, it was possible to integrate optimum sun protection into the existing structure without significantly changing the appearance. To do this, each of the bull's-eye panes had to be fitted with the film separately. But the elaborate procedure was worth it: "Not only are our sensitive exhibits now protected from fading due to solar radiation, but the indoor climate has also improved as a result of the application of the tints for residential windows," according to those responsible for the city of Münster.

In fact, the HAVERKAMP tints for residential windows not only prevent direct solar radiation, but also regulate the indoor climate. Thus, the film prevents the room from heating up in summer and reduces heat loss in winter. Thus, the film additionally reduces the energy demand, which is associated with all kinds of advantages

Building owner:
City of Münster


  • Efficient heat and sun protection to protect sensitive exhibits
  • Retention of the historical appearance


>1300 Leaded glass panes

View of a window in the Peace Hall with leaded glass

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