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Refugee accommodation Falkensee

The situation

Since the beginning of 2015, more and more people have been seeking asylum throughout Europe, especially in Germany. Among other things, this presents the authorities with enormous logistical tasks: Accommodating the continuously growing number of asylum seekers requires the creation of additional living space and initial emergency shelters. The task: Ideally, selected buildings must be available quickly and promptly. However, retrofits or conversions are often necessary in advanc

The requirement

The city of Falkensee near Berlin had decided to make a former furniture store available for housing 300 newly arriving asylum seekers. As the building is equipped with a glass facade and numerous shop windows all around due to its previous use, a privacy retrofit was required to ensure privacy for the residents and to protect them from prying eyes. At the same time, however, it had to be guaranteed that the privacy screen solution used on the windows would still allow sufficient daylight to enter in order to maintain the ambience and atmosphere of residential accommodation.

The solution

By applying the HAVERKAMP privacy film to the glass facade of the building, HAVERKAMP provided the city of Falkensee with the ideal solution. The translucent, white matt version of the film was applied to 630m² of window area in cooperation with the company Raumausstattung Mewes. Since the individual window elements of the glass facade are oversized areas, a horizontal butt seam had to be drawn between the film sections. The millimeter-precise processing of the butt welds makes the joint almost invisible. The HAVERKAMP privacy film can be subsequently applied to any window or glass surface, either completely or partially, and guarantees - depending on the degree of tinting - up to 100% privacy protection. If desired, splinter protection can also be integrated. In addition, the HAVERKAMP privacy film product range offers - through various color variants - numerous design options for interior design

Foreigners Authority Havelland County

Raumausstattung Mewes, Havelberg


  • Privacy screen retrofit to maintain privacy


Interior view of refugee accommodation with privacy screen

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