Glare protection for workplaces: Sun and heat protection with simultaneous visibility to the outside

Project report HAVERKAMP sun protection film and variable sun protection

Towing service Schäfer-Döll, Pfungstadt

The object

The towing service Schäfer-Döll from Pfungstadt with an area of 4,000 sqm, a modern vehicle hall and an integrated workshop is a regional player. Planning is important in order to properly manage and control all operations and orders and to maintain an overview. The employees work in a spacious office building. Large window fronts allow plenty of daylight to reach the computer workstations. As important as sunlight is for motivation and performance, the glare on the monitor is disturbing if there are no appropriate glare protection options.

The current requirement

In the office complex of the towing service Schäfer-Döll exactly this problem occurred. The large window frontage is intended to let in daylight and allow a view both in and out, so that customers can see arriving employees and keep an eye on the yard - that was the concept

However, when the sunlight was high, the office and sales area heated up significantly due to the large window fronts, glare increased, and employees quickly found the glare annoying. To counteract this problem, a solution was sought that would on the one hand protect against the heat and blinding light, while on the other hand still ensuring visibility.

The solution

The owners of the towing service sought advice from HAVERKAMP - film experts. The proposed solution: a HAVERKAMP solar control film (silver 50R sr Primus), which provides good heat and sun protection, but does little to restrict the view outside and inside. The overall indoor climate is significantly improved even on hot days. The surface of the film is scratch-resistant, particularly durable and easy to clean - another plus for large window fronts in a commercial business. Immediately after the film was installed, without any significant disruption to operational processes, it was already clear: thanks to the installed film, the climate in the office and sales rooms remains pleasant and the view of the large courtyard unobstructed.

In addition, HAVERKAMP vertical blinds in silver-grey were installed for particularly sunny days or extreme glare phases, so that the office design is not interrupted. The advantage here is that with vertical blinds even larger window areas can be flexibly shaded. They are considered optimal glare protection for VDU workstations in accordance with the EU directive, as a view to the outside is possible even when the slats are closed. "An additional investment that has definitely paid off," says the management at Schäfer-Döll.

Office complex, towing service ASD Schäfer (Pfungstadt)


  • Sun and heat protection with simultaneous visibility to the outside
  • individual glare protection for workplaces according to EU directive


Interior view with door half open

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