Glare and heat protection in Münster

Project report HAVERKAMP variable sun shades

SINTETICA, Münster (D)

The object

SINTETICA GmbH, based in Münster (Westphalia), is the German subsidiary of SINTETICA SA, a research-based pharmaceutical company founded in Switzerland in 1921. The company produces and distributes various drugs in the fields of anesthesia, emergency medicine, gastroenterology and pain therapy.

SINTETICA Germany is responsible for marketing and sales activities in Germany and Austria. At the location in Münster, all work areas necessary for sales are brought together: Regulatory Affairs, QM, Customer Service, Marketing. Accordingly, the offices at Münster's harbor are planned and designed in a modern and transparent way. Large window fronts let in plenty of dayligh

The current requirement

Already during the planning of the building, it was considered that the wide window fronts would allow the sun to shine almost continuously into the offices on sunny days. To minimize heating, the building was equipped with external shading systems. The problem is that even light gusts of wind cause a wind monitor on the roof to react and the systems are automatically raised. Heat and glare protection are then no longer provided. Considerable glare protection problems were repeatedly encountered.

An interior glare protection solution that complies with the workplace ordinance and does not restrict the view to the outside too much should also be installed. In addition, the solution was to be variably operable so that as much natural light as possible could continue to be utilized on darker days.

The solution

HAVERKAMP recommended the installation of HAVERKAMP vertical blinds with the rollo foil silver-bronze 10R as curtain. The film has a very good heat protection value, the system itself can be adjusted and operated very variably. The view to the outside is still possible even with closed systems.

SINTETICA's employees are extremely satisfied with this solution. Furthermore, as much daylight as possible enters the room, the systems can be flexibly adjusted to provide glare protection, and the room climate has improved considerably - even with the external shading system raised, from which they are now independent.

Building owner:

Variable heat and glare protection for computer workstations in addition to the external shading system.

Vertical blinds with hangings silber-bronze 10R

8 Facilities

VDU workstation with variable sun protection system

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