Project report HAVERKAMP windows tinting film for light sickness

Windows tinting film helps light sick boy

The problem

Harutjun H. (9 years) lives and resides in Würzburg with his family. He is a cheerful boy, but suffers extremely from any sun exposure. After a lengthy investigation into the cause, doctors at the University Hospital in Würzburg came up with a diagnosis that from then on severely restricted the boy: he suffers from a light allergy (porphyria cutanea tarda). For Harutjun, this disease had serious consequences. The windows of his children's room were covered with darkening fabrics. Even switching on artificial light was not possible. From now on Harutjun learned, played and lived in the dark. The clinical picture was so pronounced that all other rooms where Harutjun stayed had to be darkened as well. Due to the disease, the little patient received lessons from home, this was almost impossible under the dark conditions in the apartment. At the same time, the "life in the dark" was increasingly affecting the mind. A solution was feverishly sought.

The requirement

The goal and wish was to let as much daylight as possible back into the rooms without endangering Harutjun's health. It should be possible for him to play and learn again with a little more daylight and to get a sense of achievement. The idea: a solution that on the one hand lets light into the apartment, but at the same time prevents or reflects the penetration of the dangerous light rays.

The solution

Harutjun's supervising social pedagogue, Sebastian Zimmer, an employee of the Würzburg University Hospital, had already heard about the flexibility and quality of HAVERKAMP flat glass films. Together with the attending physician he approached the HAVERKAMP film experts and asked for help. HAVERKAMP consulted with the caring team about the necessities and requirements that a possible coating for the windows had to entail in order to help Harutjun. The proposed solution: a special HAVERKAMP windows tinting film (orange 80 NR) with good heat and sun protection properties, yet hardly restricting the view to the outside and still reflecting the dangerous rays for Harutjun. Together they decided to install the film.

The result

The result convinced everyone: after the film was applied, the darkening curtains could be removed. The light entering the room did not cause any further health problems for Harutjun. Shortly after the installation, the little boy was already feeling much better: thanks to the installed film, the climate in the children's room is also pleasant again. Harutjun can look out of the window again.

"In the meantime, Harutjun is also on the same level as his classmates at school, as learning in the bright room is much easier for him again," says Sebastian Zimmer. "And best of all, Harutjun's skin has recovered to such an extent that he can already go outside for 3-4 hours again. The installation of this windows tinting film has been an incredible help in Harutjun's life!"

The object:
Private apartment in Würzburg

Protection from light rays

HAVERKAMP window tinting film orange 80 NR

Children's room after the installation of the film

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