Eine große Glasfläche aus quadratischen Fenstern.

HAVERKAMP Liquid Film Shatter protection lacquer

Special varnish

HAVERKAMP Liquid Film: liquid safety lacquer for glass surfaces

Film does not find a hold, lacquer adapts flexibly - Splinter protection lacquer secures uneven glass surfaces

You want to protect an uneven, multi-dimensional or overhead glass surface from shattering? Retrofitting with shatter protection films of non-planar glass surfaces, such as structural glass and U-profile supports, is a special challenge.
HAVERKAMP has just the right solution with its Liquid Film shatter protection coating. The product protects surfaces on which ordinary adhesive films do not hold and / or the installation of a shatter protection film is impossible.

Eine gebrochene Glasröhre ohne Splitterschutzlack. Eine Glasröhre mit Splitterschutzlack, die ihre Scherben zusammenhält.

Function of the special varnish HAVERKAMP Liquid Film on the basis of a test tube

HAVERKAMP Liquid Film at a glance


  • Shatter protection for retrofitting
  • over 99 % reduction of UV radiation
  • Suitable for uneven glass surfaces (e.g. structural glass, U-profile glass)
  • Tested according to resistance class DIN EN 12600
  • Standard: colour-neutral, optical perception: inside and outside crystal clear / optional in RAL colours
  • weatherproof
  • High transparency
  • for any kind of glass surfaces


Shatter binding

Special surfaces

High clarity

Resistance class DIN EN 12600

Areas of application

  • Industrial building
  • Sports halls
  • public buildings
  • Glass partitions made of structural glass

For special plastic and glass shapes:

  • Ellipses
  • Glass facades
  • Glass tubes and spheres
  • Laboratory bottles
  • LED's and glass lamps
  • Textured glasses
  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Wavy glasses
  • Overhead glazing




The form-flexible liquid plastic HAVERKAMP Liquid Film can be easily applied to particularly shaped and uneven glass surfaces both from the inside and from the outside.
In this way, the shatter protection lacquer gives the glass VSG-comparable properties. In the event of breakage, the glass is held together by the lacquer coating so that no dangerous splinters or pieces of glass can break out.
HAVERKAMP shatter protection lacquer is not only used for classic glass windows, but also to protect glass elements such as glass tubes, test tubes or large glass lamps.
The convincing properties of HAVERKAMP Liquid Film have been tested and classified by the Materialprüfamt (MPA) NRW according to DIN EN 12600.

Visually, the transparent plastic lacquer has no influence on the light conditions in the room and also has a UV-protective effect (99 %), which prevents the yellowing of material objects.

HAVERKAMP Liquid Film shatter protection lacquer is the alternative to shatter protection films if these cannot be applied due to the surface conditions. This is the case, for example, with structural glass or U-profile glass.

Yes, as an alternative to classic splinter protection films, glass surfaces with special surface properties can be protected with splinter protection lacquer. After only a short drying time of 3-6 days, the hardened lacquer can give a wide variety of glass products the desired splinter-binding properties.
Painting glass panes with liquid plastic is therefore an ideal solution to protect inaccessible or specially shaped surfaces such as structural glass and U-profile supports against flying splinters in the event of glass breakage. The clear lacquer is also used in the chemical industry, for example, to provide glass products such as laboratory bottles or glass tubes with shatter protection.

After the curing phase, the transparent liquid varnish stabilises every glass surface so that a possible loosening or falling of splinters and glass pieces is prevented. The residual load-bearing capacity of glazing is significantly increased. People and property are effectively protected.

HAVERKAMP also offers a special sun protection varnish, which creates sun protection for structural and roof glazing through the addition of glass beads.

HAVERKAMP Sun protection lacquer

The special varnish is ideal for shatter protection of glass elements in public buildings or industry or sports halls, to protect production or visitors from possible shattering in case of glass breakage. But HAVERKAMP Liquid Film can also be used for glass tubes, ellipses, trapezoids, industrial glass, wavy glass, glass rods or lamps: because special glass shapes are not splinter-free and are difficult to manufacture and combine with the ever-increasing safety requirements for splinter protection in the glass industry.

The almost colourless anti-splinter coating HAVERKAMP Liquid Film can be applied in different thicknesses and is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is colour-neutral (also available in colour on request), weather-resistant and stable against greater wind loads.

We recommend the following methods for cleaning the coated glass surfaces:

  • Washing up with standard household cleaning agents
  • For neutralisation, rinse the surface again afterwards.
  • Blasting with a high-pressure cleaner (minimum distance 20cm)

As the HAVERKAMP Liquid Film anti-splinter coating does not have a scratch-resistant surface, you should never use sharp-edged or abrasive cleaning agents. Likewise, the use of highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents can damage the coating. An exact list is not possible.

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