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HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl Sun protection varnish

Sun protection
Special varnish
For glass & plastic

HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl, the adaptable sunscreen for glass and plastic

Solar control coating for special glass shapes - Effective liquid plastic

You want to reduce the temperature in overheated warehouses or sports halls, but cannot have a usual sun protection film applied due to the shape of the roof?
HAVERKAMP has the solution with the special Liquid Pearl sun protection coating! The use of HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl is particularly suitable for roof domes where conventional sun protection coatings cannot be used due to the surface conditions.

Ideal retrofit solution for sun protection in warehouses with roof domes

HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl Sun Protection Varnish at a glance


  • as light and heat protection
  • Sun protection lacquer with glass beads and UV filter
  • UV transmission reducible from 0.6% to as low as 0.1
  • Particularly suitable for uneven or multi-dimensional roof domes
  • Suitable for glass, polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces
  • subsequent coating
  • pleasant
  • Very good light diffusion
  • Fast drying and weather resistant
  • Saving energy costs
  • Good wet grip, good light fastness


Sun protection varnish

Quick drying

For skylights and roof domes


UV filter

Areas of application

Glass, polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces of:

  • Roof domes of sports halls
  • Roof windows of production halls
  • Warehouse skylights
  • Skylights of logistics centres
  • Glass roofs of galleries
  • Shed roofs and multi-skin sheets
  • Flat roofs of modern residential buildings



The high-quality HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl coating is a special liquid plastic with integrated, custom-made glass beads that create a pleasantly natural indoor climate due to the high light diffusion. The heating of the room interior is significantly reduced by the translucent glass beads. 
The adaptable special lacquer can be installed on multi-dimensional or uneven glass surfaces as well as on polycarbonate and acrylic glass by specially trained personnel. The weather-resistant sun protection coating is completely dry and optimally functional only 24 hours after installation.
With the help of the processed glass beads and an integrated UV filter, the transmission of UV radiation can be reduced to up to 0.1 %. This effective sun protection can relieve air conditioning systems and save energy costs. In addition to thermal protection, materials stored in halls are also protected from possible fading by the UV filters used.

The use of Liquid Pearl is particularly useful for use on glass domes, for example in warehouses or sports halls. These can heat up quickly due to plastic glazing in the roof area, which leads to a pleasant working climate.
Here, Liquid Pearl offers an alternative to sun protection films if these cannot be mounted on the surface.

The solar control coating can be applied to various substrates such as glass, polycarbonate or acrylic surfaces. These materials are often used in the area of roof glazing of sports halls, production halls and warehouses in the form of roof domes or shed roofs.

HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl is coated on the outside, dries quickly and is weather-resistant. The special lacquer is completely dry after only 24 hours.

The special feature of lacquer-based solar protection is that it also adheres to curved skylight domes made of glass as well as Plexiglas or acrylic. In addition, the glass-bead scattered varnish provides effective heat protection and room-flooding light transmission. These factors help to improve productivity and employee motivation in the long term.

Skylight domes are window systems that are mainly used on flat roofs due to their lighting and ventilation function. Due to these properties, skylight domes are particularly in demand for large industrial and commercial buildings, but are also occasionally installed in public facilities and administrative buildings. However, a skylight dome in the roof area can quickly become a burden. In summer, they are exposed to the blazing sun and have no heat protection properties whatsoever. To protect skylight domes and other specially shaped glass surfaces from this heat, HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl was developed - a special combination of lacquer coating and applied glass beads.
The special sun protection lacquer can be applied to various materials such as glass, acrylic glass or polycarbonate, and is thus suitable for retrofitting to almost all windows.

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