OPALFILM® birdsafe

bird protection film for more species protection

OPALFILM® window films provides collision protection for birds in flight

Characteristics at a glance 

  • Reduces bird collision by up to 90 percent
  • to protect biodiversity 
  • film including shatter protection (glass splinters remain bound together after breakage)
  • Retains neutral colour, irrespective of time of day
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Recommended by leading bird protection organisations
  • variant "greenline": combination with sun protection
  • individual design possible (effectiveness is checked beforehand)

Areas of application

  • Mirror window fronts and glass panels
  • Glass facades
  • Glass panels on office and high-rise buildings
  • Noise barriers
  • Bus and other glass shelters, waiting rooms
  • Patio doors | conservatories

Film variations

  • Diamond pattern, black/black
  • Diamond pattern, orange/black
  • bar pattern 
  • bar pattern with sun protection 
  • individual design possible

OPALFILM® birdsafe® – for effective protection against bird impacts

OPALFILM® birdsafe® flat-glass films protect against bird collision without impairing visibility to the outside.

Birds in flight are unable to perceive transparent or mirrored surfaces, so such surfaces are a serious danger to birds of all species. The neutral-coloured bird collision protection films in the OPALFILM® birdsafe® series incorporate a specially developed "diamond" or "bar" pattern that birds are able to see.  Alternatively, we can print individual patterns on the film (company logo etc.), whereby we check the effektiveness of the pattern beforehand. 

In addition to the splinter-binding properties of the films, the risk of birds colliding with the coated windows or glass fronts is reduced by up to ninety percent. Moreover, it does not restrict the benefits of the glass material – the surroundings remain bright and the friendly room climate is preserved. On the contrary: our birdsafe "greenline" variant is additionally equipped with solar protection properties. It has an energetic effect - climate protection and species protection in one!

OPALFILM® birdsafe® film for protection against bird collision can be applied to all flat-glass surfaces and can also be installed on noise barriers, glass-panel facades and window fronts in private households.