Security against burglary for shop windows


Vodafone Shop, Ahaus

The object

Vodafone GmbH is a German subsidiary of the British mobile phone company Vodafone Group and offers everything to do with telephone and Internet. Based in Düsseldorf and with around 14,000 employees, the company sells its products throughout Germany.
One of the most important sales channels are so-called sales stores in large and small cities, where customers can receive personal advice and buy Vodafone products and services. All stores have large shop windows in which high-quality displays such as smartphones are presented.

The requirement

What is intended to attract customers' attention and encourage them to enter the store also harbors risks: Flash burglaries are not uncommon. Thieves smash the windows quickly and effectively with stones, manhole covers or other objects and steal the high-quality and high-priced products from the display. The thefts often take just a few minutes, and there are rarely any witnesses. What remains is extensive damage to property and broken shop windows, which need to be replaced as quickly as possible. The manager of the Vodafone store in Ahaus, Ilias Kokkalis, wanted to take precautions and act preventively. He sought advice from the HAVERKAMP security experts and had the PROFILON® P3A security film installed on the shop windows and glass door to protect against lightning burglary and vandalism. Thanks to its transparency, the film is not conspicuous and does not obstruct the view - but protects against the corresponding dangers as one of the strongest security films on the market in resistance class P3A.

The solution

The preventive measure proved Ilias Kokkalis right: shortly after the security film was installed, burglars attempted to steal the displays in his Vodafone store and gain access by force. The security film prevented both the break-in and the theft. It withstood the forced entry attempt. The displays remained intact and the perpetrators abandoned their plan. "I am very happy to have installed this security film. The cost and effort involved are disproportionate to the damage that the theft would have caused," says Kokkalis. After the window had been replaced, the Vodafone store manager immediately had PROFILON® security film installed again.

Vodafone Shop, Ahaus

Burglar resistance for shop windows

PROFILON® P3A security film (inside)
(tested and certified on 4mm float glass) 

approx. 15 m² in total

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