Terrain monitoring

Project Report Perimeter Protection with MicroGARD®

Perimeter protection of the nuclear power plant in Leibstadt

The object

The nuclear power plant, which went into operation in 1984, produces around nine billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year. It is also one of the most important employers in the region, employing around 450 people.

The requirement

The spacious grounds had already been completely enclosed by a fence. However, this was not enough for the operator: In order to be able to protect the property even more effectively against intruders, the client was looking for a reliable method of preventing intrusion into the premises by climbing over or penetrating the fence. In addition, the perimeter protection was to be supplemented by a video camera system.

The solution

HAVERKAMP provided the ideal solution to the requirements with the installation of the MicroGARD® digital sensor cable system. This system is placed on existing wire mesh, wire mesh, wire and expanded metal fences by attaching a digital sensor cable and hardware components to the inside of the fence. A pulse transit time measurement provides an exact evaluation of vibrations that occur when the fence is cut, the fence mesh is pried open and / or the fence is climbed over. In contrast to analog systems, the digital technology of MicroGARD® works so precisely that it can be detected with an accuracy of +/- three meters at which point the fence mesh is pried open, cut, climbed over or the system is sabotaged.
Even wind, rain, hail and / or snow are detected as non-alarm events if they occur evenly or over a large area. In addition, the technology was connected to a higher-level operational control system (ELS). This visualization model with alarm management system is linked to a site plan and can thus determine the alarm location with pinpoint accuracy. Within the entire fence route, the parameters event intensity, event frequency and event time can be set individually. In the event of an alarm, the installed camera systems are automatically directed to the corresponding section of the fence and a visual and acoustic warning is issued on the monitors at the security guard in the alarm control center. All events are of course archived and can be evaluated at any time.

Terrain monitoring by reliable video camera system and protection against unwanted intruders

Digital sensor cable system MicroGARD® and alarm management system

approx 1,2 Kilometer

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