Heat protection in Switzerland

Project report HAVERKAMP tints for residential windows

Private object, Thurgau (CH)

The object

The private rooms of the board member of Marugg + Bruni AG in the canton of Thurgau (Switzerland) on the top floor are bright and inviting. Architecturally, this part of the building is open and built with plenty of daylight in mind. A large number of windows and glass surfaces - also across corners and in different shapes - were planned on the roof, giving the attic its characteristic shape and allowing plenty of sunlight into the rooms. Exterior roller blinds were designed to protect against intense sunlight and excessive heat, especially in the summer months

The current requirement

However, after some time it became clear that the external blinds also have disadvantages: Left down, they darkened the rooms too much, heating up of the rooms was not prevented effectively enough, and the view was also disturbed. In search of a more efficient solution to the problem, the Swiss entrepreneur asked numerous local companies. Some sun protection specialists certainly had possible solutions, but rejected an order as unfeasible due to the special construction method, the window shapes and the height of the roof glazing.

The solution

The company Fensterfolien Zemann, cooperation partner of HAVERKAMP, knew a solution. After intensive consultation with the HAVERKAMP sun protection experts, a team was found to tackle the problem. HAVERKAMP recommended the installation of HAVERKAMP tints for residential windows  silver 20R sr Primus Plus to mitigate the extreme heat buildup. The film provides good heat and sun protection and, unlike exterior blinds, continues to allow views to the outside. Daylight continues to enter the room, but the overall room climate is noticeably improved on hot days. The surface of the film is scratch-resistant, particularly durable and easy to clean - another plus for skylights. The special design of the roof structure, in which the glass surfaces are integrated, presented the experienced fitters from Sasha Zemann with no problems during installation. "The film," Zemann knows from his many years of cooperation with HAVERKAMP, " can be processed very well. Our fitters already have many years of experience with it." Despite the height and the difficult facade situation, the installation work went smoothly. Already immediately after installation of this exterior film, the effect is noticeable. Working and living in the attic while taking advantage of the daylight is no longer a problem from now on.

Building owner:
Member of the Board Marugg + Bruni AG

HAVERKAMP & Fensterfolien Zemann


  • Sun and heat protection
  • Receipt of the review


approx. 100 m²

Partial view of the difficult glass roof structure after installation of the sunshade

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