ClickFilm® a switchable film for flexible privacy protection

Project report HAVERKAMP ClickFilm®

Meeting room, at the ADAC Center in Essen

The property

ADAC Nordrhein e.V. has built a new service center in downtown Essen. In a central location, the approximately 150,000 ADAC members in Essen now have a modern contact point where they can clarify their personal concerns.
The center extension was planned by the architect Dipl-Ing. Petra Sievert.

The current requirement

In the ADAC Center, the interior meeting room with a large glass front was to be given modern privacy protection to provide privacy when needed.

The challenge:
The glass front was large and strongly curved.

The solution

In order to be able to flexibly separate a meeting room from the service area, 20m² of HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® was installed on the existing glass front. This is a switchable window film that changes from opaque to clear at the touch of a button.

Meeting room, in the ADAC Center in Essen


  • Flexible privacy protection with switchable films for glass


approx. 20 m²

Functionality at the meeting room
Die schaltbare Folie ist an und wird ausgeschaltet. Die Fenster sind erst durchsichtig und werden dann undurchsichtig.

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