Security fence for perimeter protection in Frankfurt


FRAPORT AG, Frankfurt (D) : Protection of a further construction section with AluGARD®.

The company

With a total area of 2,300 hectares and a total of around 69 million passengers per year, Frankfurt Airport is one of the most important traffic centers in Europe. It is also one of the 20 largest cargo airports in the world. Lufthansa's headquarters are also on site and FRAPORT AG, as the operator, is also a competent partner for airport retailing and real estate development.

Due to its enormous size and many sensitive areas and assets that need to be protected, the open-air security of Frankfurt Airport is a special challenge. The intensive cooperation with HAVERKAMP to secure these areas began 10 years ago. At that time, after several intensive comparative tests, the security experts at FRAPORT AG decided to secure the 11 km long section of the newly built Northwest Runway with the world's first high-performance aluminum alarm fence from HAVERKAMP (reference report FRAPORT I).

The modular system developed by HAVERKAMP, called AluGARD®, is ideal for use at airports and large industrial facilities due to its lightweight but heat and corrosion resistant construction and highly reliable detection technology. The modular design allows flexible alignment of the fence. In addition, the fence's purist design ideally matches the modern architecture of airports and other large industrial and commercial facilities

The requirement

Due to the high satisfaction with the reliability and the low false alarm rate of the system, the safety experts requested the AluGARD® system again when the modernization of the runway west fencing was planned. A concrete fence dating from the 1980s was to be renewed and replaced by state-of-the-art technology. Here, too, the aim is to avoid false alarms as far as possible and to prevent unauthorized persons from entering or to reliably detect them directly at the boundary.

The solution

A total of another 6.5 km of AluGARD® alarm fence system with aluminum woven fence panels (WaveGARD®) and undermining protection were therefore installed within a construction period of 4 months. The construction work was planned with HAVERKAMP safety experts in such a way that it could be carried out during ongoing operations. Due to the efficient planning and execution, the main installation was completed 4 weeks before the agreed completion date.


Modernization of the enclosure, Runway West

AluGARD® Alarm security fence with WaveGARD® mats and undermining protection

6,5 km

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