Aluminium alarm fence
Modular alarm fence system

HAVERKAMP AluGARD® safety fence - reliable with safety

An aluminium fence equipped with high-tech detection technology

The AluGARD® base frame consists of aluminium posts in different sizes and diameters. The basic scaffold is compatible with plug-on modules for a resting current-monitored climb-over detection system with Y-arm. In addition, sensory climb-over detection systems with IR, laser, fibre optic and video monitoring, as well as LED lighting modules, can be integrated into the system.

HAVERKAMP AluGARD® is the world's first alarm fence made of 100 % aluminium.

The modular design allows for flexible alignment of the fence, which thus fits perfectly into any environment.

HAVERKAMP AluGARD® at a glance


  • powerful, highly efficient, modular alarm fence system
  • Seamless and sabotage-proof detection
  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Extremely durable, low maintenance, weather resistant
  • Can be combined with a wide variety of fence panels and fillings (fromaluminium to glass)
  • Suitable for almost any alarm management system
  • Can be combined with climb-over detection and undermount protection technology as well as with LED lighting modules
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • design-oriented, available in all RAL colours


100 % aluminium

Modularly applicable

High quality aluminium posts

Individually customisable

Fields of application

  • Power stations
  • Protected and restricted areas
  • Airports
  • Company premises
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial plants
  • Private properties


Functional and combination options of AluGARD®

HAVERKAMP AluGARD® can be integrated with almost any alarm management system and combined with different meshes or glass. The fence has an optional Y-arm and can be supplemented with a wide variety of climb-over detection and undermining protection technologies. It is corrosion-resistant and insensitive to rain, cold, wind and extreme heat. HAVERKAMP AluGARD® can be upgraded with detection technologies for sensory climb-over detection with IR, laser, fibre optics as well as video and optionally for LED lighting modules. The system is virtually free of unwanted alarms.

Product sheet


In principle, the AluGARD® security fence is suitable for all areas of use or terrain that need to be fenced in and protected.
Let's think of an airport - a runway or runway that can only be entered by authorised personnel. Unauthorised entry can lead to flight cancellations and high costs. AluGARD®, which is successfully used on two runways at Frankfurt Airport and protects over 17km of runway, detects even the attempt of trespassing. Due to the exact message, the security personnel can intervene quickly. This not only saves time, but also costs!
The classic areas of application are industrial sites and sectors that may only be entered by authorised persons. HAVERKAMP AluGARD® is an effective security solution to report and detect unauthorised entry immediately.

All elements of AluGARD® are made of 100% aluminium. This makes it very weather-resistant and lightweight. It can be painted in any RAL colour and is therefore adaptable to any environment.

The basic system consists of posts, post heads, brackets and base plates. The sturdy enclosed fence panels are made of glass (GlasGARD®) or aluminium (WaveGARD®) selectable. They can be monitored for quiescent current either as a whole or in defined detection zones. The closed-circuit current monitoring includes posts as well as post heads and cantilevers. If desired, sensor, camera and lighting technology can be easily switched on by authorised persons. Climb-over or undermining protection can also be added.

HAVERKAMP AluGARD® is ideally suited for use in areas with extreme weather conditions. The basic system is corrosion-resistant and robust against rain, cold, wind and extreme heat. HAVERKAMP uses the extraordinary properties of the material and manufactures the high-quality HAVERKAMP AluGARD® safety modules from it.

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