Heat protection for production hall with solar control coating


REWE Logistics Center RED 63, Neu-Isenburg (D)

The property

The REWE Group's logistics center in Neu-Isenburg is one of the most modern and newest logistics warehouses in the retail group. REWE Group supplies around 220 stores in the region from this warehouse. More than 24,000 dry goods are therefore sorted and stored in the so-called RED 63 logistics center. The roof of the 65,000 square meter building is equipped with 335 glass domes, which provide light and let in as much daylight as possible.

The requirement

The roof domes allow plenty of daylight and sunlight into the interior, which boosts employee motivation and saves electricity for artificial lighting. However, there is always the risk that the continuous sunlight will cause the hall to heat up considerably and the accumulated heat will lead to a significant increase in temperature inside. As food is stored in the logistics center, the question of increased heat rejection and the most effective heat protection possible arose immediately - especially for the summer months.

Those responsible at REWE Group were looking for a solution that would only slightly reduce the amount of daylight entering the building while also reducing the heat load. Due to the curvature of the roof domes, the use of classic flat glass films for sun and heat protection was not possible. REWE turned to the HAVERKAMP sun protection experts with this special request

The solution

After an on-site assessment and intensive testing, HAVERKAMP developed a paint-based coating with reflective beads that repel and reflect the solar rays, especially for the curved domes. This innovative HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl coating was applied to a total area of 625 square meters. It has good light diffusion, is weather-resistant, creates a pleasant indoor climate, dries quickly and has good wet adhesion. Measurements confirm that the coating reduces the heating of the interior and offers good UV protection. HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl is suitable for all multi-dimensional glass or polycarbonate surfaces. This special solution convinced those responsible at the REWE Group. Since the installation, the climate in the logistics hall has been much more pleasant. The desired heat protection has been implemented.

REWE Group, Neu-Isenburg

Heat protection and sun protection for roof domes

HAVERKAMP Liquid Pearl

625 m²

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