Sun and glare protection independent of the sunbeam Angle of incidence

Project report HAVERKAMP Variable Systems and HAVERKAMP Sunprotection

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, Emden (D)

The company

With 16 locations, Niedersachen Ports is the largest operator of public seaports in Germany. The company supports international logistics with its wide range of services. The 100-year-old Emden Great Sea Lock is part of this and connects the inland port with the outer port.

The current requirement

The water surfaces at the lock cause extreme light reflections, which prevented the pilots from working safely. Reading and operating the navigation instruments and monitors in the control station was made considerably more difficult in the sunshine. Diplom Ingenieur Thomas Neubert, managing director of the company Blend- und Sonnenschutztechnik, Bremen, consulted HAVERKAMP on this issue: Despite different sun positions, a working environment had to be created that was not affected by the reflection, offered visibility to the outside and met the nautical requirements.

The solution

The effective solution for an object with these conditions, is a combination of variable roller blind systems and fixed anti-glare films. HAVERKAMP has worked here with HAVERKAMP variable systems "40F fixed hangings" and "Smart roller blind systems with Anti-glare film  grey/grey ST 2R smooth". Compared to commercially available products, the films used have the advantage that they are not only extremely reliable and durable, but can also be used especially in the marine environment due to their particularly low-reflection and highly light-absorbing properties.
For the pilots of the Emden sea lock, this solution is a considerable relief, because now they can regulate the light depending on the angle of the sun's rays and still keep their eyes on the outside.
The Operations Manager Engineering Niedersachsen Ports is impressed by the retrofittable solution: "Effective, high-quality and harmoniously integrated into the building's appearance."

Project Leader:
Diplom-Ingenieur Thomas Neubert, Firma „Sun Stop“Blend- und Sonnenschutztechnik, Bremen

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, Emden


  • Room darkening with free view to the outside
  • Fulfill nautical requirements
  • Glare-free and safe working

HAVERKAMP variables variable sun protection system:

  • 40F Fixed curtains with anti-glare film grey/grey ST 2R smooth
  • Smart roller blind systems with anti-glare film grey/grey ST 2R smooth


Interior view of the Emden sea lock with glare and sun protection

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