bird deterrent for windows: birdsafe® for the containment of bird strikes in Vienna

Project report HAVERKAMP birdsafe®

Private home, Vienna

The object

Vienna, capital of Austria. Many come to visit and are impressed by the city and its architecture. In the residential areas, modern architecture with lots of glass is becoming more and more prevalent in new buildings. Large windows, wide glass fronts, high patio doors let a lot of light into the rooms and offer an unrestricted view. An architectural style that is of interest to many building owners. Dirk Jäger, Head of Studies Architecture & Construction at Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. in Vienna, has also planned his private property with large window fronts.

The current requirement

Disadvantage of this style of construction: large-scale glazing on private buildings is a reason for bird strikes. Both clear and mirrored glass surfaces are not recognized by birds. On the one hand, they recognize the landscape behind them through transparent glass and fly toward it. On the other hand, reflections in the glass cause habitats to be reflected and feigned. Every year, more than 100 million birds worldwide die at the glass fronts of office towers, noise barriers or conservatories - including endangered species. Dirk Jäger was also confronted with this problem. Two to three birds a week died on the glazing of his house. "And this despite the fact that we had installed black bird silhouettes. It was all to no avail," says the builder.

The solution

Current studies by various bird protection organizations have shown that a discreet diamond pattern arranged in lines has a particularly high effectiveness. HAVERKAMP has taken advantage of these results and developed a bird deterrent for windows that exactly meets these requirements and makes the glass visible as an obstacle for the animals. The film is color-neutral, maintenance-free and easy to retrofit. It is not necessary to remove the windows for this purpose. At the same time, HAVERKAMP birdsafe® offers effective shatter protection in case of glass breakage.
The company Fensterfolien Zemann, HAVERKAMP partner in Austria, recommended Jäger to install this new film. The glass front of the terrace side, as the part of the house with the most frequent bird strike, was retrofitted with 20 sqm of film. Dirk Jäger was already convinced of the new coating after a short time: "Before the protective films were installed, we had about 2-3 birds a week flying against the glazing. Since the installation of the HAVERKAMP birdsafe® it is over with the bird impact - until today 100%." The view into the garden remained despite the film..

Private property, Vienna


  • Decisive minimization of bird strike


Surface area:
ca. 20 m²

Exterior view of the glazed gable protected with birdsafe®.

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