Sun and UV protection in Austria

Project report HAVERKAMP tints for shop windows Wels (A)

Sales Stores REITER Betten & Vorhänge GmbH , Wels (A)

The object

With 17 stores throughout Austria, the company Reiter Betten&Vorhänge is known as an expert in home textiles and sleep advice. In 2019, the company opened Europe's most modern home textiles specialty store in Wels on more than 1,500 square meters of sales space. All Reiter stores are characterized by large sales areas, light-flooded sales rooms and generous glass facades. The aim is to provide customers with a shopping experience in the stores and to create a feel-good atmosphere during consultation and shopping. Natural daylight entering the rooms is part of the concept.

The requirement

Generous glass facades are therefore part of the store concept in all branches. They not only let in plenty of daylight, but also signal openness, transparency and modern design. When the sun shone strongly, however, one disadvantage of the extensive glazing quickly became apparent: the sales rooms heated up quickly, pleasant climatic conditions could only be achieved by using the air-conditioning systems to full capacity, and the exhibits in the display windows were exposed to UV radiation. REITER - Managing Director Peter Hildebrand and his team were looking for a long-term solution. On the one hand, this solution should not reduce the incidence of daylight and allow customers to continue to view the goods behind the generous display window fronts. On the other hand, this solution should reduce the extreme heat load in the rooms, relieve the air conditioning systems and reduce costs, as well as provide UV protection for the display items. "External shading or darkening was not an option here," says REITER Managing Director Peter Hildebrand

The solution

He sought advice from HAVERKAMP and quickly arrived at the solution of applying a transparent tints for shop windows which on the one hand offers very good heat protection, has an integrated UV filter and due to its transparency still allows the exhibits to be seen through. The film experts have a wide product range of transparent tints for residential windows in their program, the technical characteristics decide on the respective application. All variants can be retrofitted.
Peter Hildebrand confirms that this decision directly brought the desired effect: "We are absolutely satisfied with the use of the NeoTec film in our stores in Vienna and Leonding. Less heat in the salesroom, UV protection for our goods in the shop window and customers can continue to look at our exhibits through the large window fronts and be inspired."

Verkaufs-Stores REITER Betten & Vorhänge GmbH

Heat and UV protection | Improvement of the indoor climate in the store | Preservation of the visibility of the shop windows

HAVERKAMP tints for shop windows NeoTec

Surface area:
320 m²

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