Security fence in Frankfurt

Project Report WaveGARD® Alarm Security Fence

Fraport AG, Frankfurt (D)

The company

With 160,000 passengers and 6,000 tons of cargo per day, Fraport is one of the most important infrastructural facilities in global business and civil aviation. In addition to many investments in other airports abroad, Fraport AG is also a competent partner for airport retailing and real estate development.

The requirement

Open-air security is an immense challenge for Frankfurt Airport. At over 19 square kilometers, the area of the airport is roughly the size of Frankfurt's entire city center. The perimeter fence around the property used to be about 31 kilometers long and has been extended by another 11 kilometers due to the new runway. The likelihood of unauthorized persons gaining access to the runways or other sensitive areas via the outdoor area is always present. The security of the open air grounds is therefore of particular importance. Protection is made more difficult by the fact that local conditions such as fauna and flora must be taken into account in order to avoid false alarms.

The solution

The world's first high performance alarm fence made entirely of aluminum. Due to its lightweight but heat- and corrosion-resistant construction and highly reliable detection technology, this perimeter protection is ideal for use at airports and large industrial facilities. The modular design allows flexible alignment of the fence, and the purist design with its elegant styling blends ideally into modern airport architecture.
This also convinced the responsible security experts at FRAPORT AG: In the context of video analysis, the effectiveness of different sensors, the detectability of objects and false alarm rates as well as the applicability to area surveillance are particularly important. The reactions of the sensor system during fence detection to attack, override and penetration attempts are key focal points for the mechanical fence system. It is particularly important that these systems operate consistently and without interference under varying environmental conditions. All requirements are met by WaveGARD®.

Fraport AG

Bilfinger Berger SE

Requirement:Securing the new runway with a high-security fence

WaveGARD® Alarm security fence

  • Extremely tamper-proof
  • variable detection grid
  • modular construction

Track length:
>11 km

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