High-quality aluminium lattice mats
State-of-the-art detection technology

The reliable alarm fence HAVERKAMP WaveGARD®

The world's first aluminium alarm fence

Structural weak points are eliminated in this security fence by interwoven aluminium tubes - without welding points or screw connections. Breaking through the compact aluminium mesh of the HAVERKAMP WaveGARD® is only possible by forcibly unravelling it, which interrupts the closed circuit and thus triggers the alarm. The alarm detects an attempted breach to within a few metres and is also free from unwanted triggers such as those caused by animals or weather conditions.
WaveGARD® can be perfectly integrated into the  basic system HAVERKAMP AluGARD®.

HAVERKAMP WaveGARD® at a glance


  • World's first aluminium alarm fence with closed-circuit current monitoring
  • Safety fence consisting of interwoven aluminium tubes, without welding points and screw connections
  • Tamper- and sabotage-proof technology and external structure
  • reliable detection systems
  • Best-known German reference: fencing around the new runway and Runway West AirportFrankfurt (FRAPORT AG)
  • Due to modular design combinable with HAVERKAMP AluGARD®
  • Available in untreated aluminium and all RAL colours


Aluminium security fence

High-quality aluminium braiding

Security technology made in Germany

Areas of application

  • Military sites
  • Airports
  • Railway area
  • Industrial plants
  • Ventilation shafts
Product sheet


Due to its special alloys, WaveGARD® is particularly efficient and does not rust. This means that the aluminium mesh can be used without any problems in areas where the fence material is subject to particular stress and wear. The assumption that a fence made of aluminium is rather soft and unstable is deceptive. HAVERKAMP WaveGARD® is a robust, weather-resistant and stable alarm fence - made in Germany!

The HAVERKAMP WaveGARD® aluminium fence mesh is primarily suitable for the construction of security fences, especially as long-range surveillance fences for military sites, airports, industrial plants or railway premises. Secondly, the mesh structure can also be used to cover and protect, for example, ventilation shafts or recesses in buildings.

The security fence can be perfectly combined with the HAVERKAMP AluGARD® basic system. The combinable HAVERKAMP AluGARD® basic system provides an ideal basis for the mesh structure with aluminium posts in a wide range of dimensions. In addition, climbing protection, undermining protection technology, as well as sensor and video systems can be installed on customer request.

The fence panels are available untreated in natural aluminium colours as well as in all RAL colours.

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