ClickFilm switchable film for privacy protection

Characteristics at a glance:

  • Switchable film for flexible privacy protection whenever required
  • Normally matt (privacy protection), becoming transparent when activated
  • also available as a dimmable version (intensity individually adjustable by transformer)
  • Suitable for domestic and business use
  • Can be retrofitted to all flat glass surfaces
  • Very low electricity consumption
  • ClickFilm® needs to be switched on/off once every 72 hours to
    ensure longevity

  • Fast installation

  • For establishing quick privacy

  • smart technology - e.g. as a projection surface

Areas of application

  • Offices
  • Private houses (bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms)
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Event rooms
  • Conference rooms in banks and insurance companies
  • Meeting rooms
  • Laboratories

Film colors

  • Activated: transparent
  • Deactivated: white





ClickFilm® from HAVERKAMP is a switchable film that can switch flexibly from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button by remote control. It is suitable for retroinstallation to all flat glass surfaces and is many times more cost-effective than electrochromic glass.

The matt color (privacy protection) is available in one level of opaqueness: white. It is suitable for use in both private residences, for example in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms and for establishing privacy in work environments, such as meeting and conference rooms.

The liquid crystal film has very low electricity consumption. ClickFilm® needs to needs to be switched on/off once every 72 hours to ensure longevity.

ClickFilm® is made to measure by HAVERKAMP and is installed by trained, specialist personnel (excluding the electronic components). Alternatively, the film is also available as a ready product, including transformer, cables and remote control.

The film is easy to clean, but should be done exclusively using cleaning agents recommended by HAVERKAMP.

Tip: In the white color variation, the film is also ideal as a projection surface.