Security fence optimized for correctional facility

Project report perimeter security/security fence optimization

JVA Schrassig (LU)

The company

The Schrassig Prison (Centre pénitentiaire de Schrassig) is the only closed penitentiary in Luxembourg. The prison was opened in 1984 after six years of construction and its capacity is designed for 600 inmates. After only a few years, the facility was comprehensively expanded, and security was adjusted accordingly. The prison became known throughout Europe, among other things, as a filming location for the movie "Back in Trouble" with Moritz Bleibtreu.

The requirement

As a correctional facility, the Schrassig facility must have a comprehensive security concept. A key component of this concept is a security fence system that makes the entire grounds escape-proof. To analyze and renew the security fence, which was already getting on in years, the management of the correctional facility commissioned a Swiss security consultant. A state-of-the-art fence was planned, consisting of a close-meshed mesh fence on the inside, a restraint mesh in the middle and a wire mesh fence on the outside, as well as a cantilever installed all around with electronic monitoring to detect attempts to climb over. After the initial construction phase, HAVERKAMP's safety experts were involved in the project to re-evaluate the entire safety system according to HAVERKAMP's protection zone model and to provide construction support until the final phase. In addition, the highly sensitive electronics had to be installed. Climb-over and breakthrough detection plus protection against reach-through were the requirements that the management of the correctional facility formulated for HAVERKAMP.

The solution

The solution concept of the correctional facility under the direction of Mr. Vincent Theis and the Swiss security consultant Jean-Pierre Biland of Risk-Management to erect an additional protection zone around the correctional facility grounds in the form of a security fence fully corresponded to the security understanding of the Münster security experts anchored in the HAVERKAMP protection zone concept. "As a result, we were able to work on the outdoor area of the Schrassig correctional facility in accordance with our philosophy. We designed and installed security modules that were still missing," reports HAVERKAMP's management. "We have further developed the monitoring electronics and the climbing-over protection especially for this order or improved their mode of operation! The flexibility and competence to do this for particularly complex requirements in order to provide the highest possible level of security for the defined protection zone of our clients is what sets us apart!" .
HAVERKAMP security engineers installed interwoven detection cables at regular intervals, creating a coarse-meshed network that reliably reports every cut (penetration) and every attempt to climb over or break through. A total of 15km of cable was laid and processor modules were installed at 7 locations. Since completion of the work in October 2013, the detection has been working perfectly, and the management of the Schrassig correctional facility is very satisfied with the specially tailored electronics of the experienced experts.

Schrassig Prison (Luxembourg), the State of Luxembourg


Optimization of a state-of-the-art security fence system (JVA) with fence elements and highly complex detection

Special, complex closed-circuit current monitoring for protection of the outdoor protection zone

1200 m

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