Protection against breakage and splintering according to IFS standard

Project report HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film and shatterproof coating

Zentralkäserei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH, Dargun (D)

The company

Zentralkäserei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH, a milk processing company in Dargun, is one of 28 locations of Germany's largest dairy company, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH. Among other things, up to 40,000 tons of cheese are produced here in a year. This quantity can be implemented thanks to an expansion of the cheese dairy.

The current requirement

In accordance with the IFS standard for assessing the quality and safety of food, the glass and plastic surfaces of the cheese factory in the laboratory and production areas had to be protected against breakage and splintering. One challenge here was the large glass surfaces in the roof area of the plant, which were difficult to reach.

The solution

TheHAVERKAMP Splitterschutzfolie  and HAVERKAMP liquid film were the right solution for the requirements of the central cheese factory. To prevent glass or plastic splinters from entering the production in case of breakage, HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film crystal clear safe 115µ was applied from the inside. This film is characterized above all by its high resistance and insensitivity to scratches. In addition, it is almost invisible and allows the room to remain bright. For the glass blocks used in the architecture of the building, HAVERKAMP's splinter protection coating Liquid Film, which has already been tested several times, was used. It is particularly suitable for structural glass and gives the glass the properties of laminated safety glass. The additional UV protection of both film and Liquid Film of up to 99% rounds off the two all-round talents. The head of maintenance at the central cheese dairy Mr. Leipold had a reliable installation team from Haverkamp on site. The order was fulfilled at short notice and with high quality. The coating of additional surfaces could be coordinated directly with the installation team. "One less worry before certification."



Zentralkäserei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH, Dargun

Protection against breakage and splintering according to IFS standard


Surface area:
>270 Square meters

Splinter protection for glass roofing in food production

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