Virtually transparent sun and heat protection for external use

Characteristics at a glance

  • Good heat protection and high heat rejection with high transparency,
  • To improved indoor climate
  • Good level of UV protection to protect interior space
  • Spectral-selective and no signal interference
  • Fast retrofit solution
  • Construction uses nanotechnology
  • Lower energy costs due to reduced load on air-conditioners
  • Nanotechnological construction

Areas of application: 

  • Retail facilities, shopping malls
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Office buildings
  • Logistics halls and commercial buildings
  • Private residences
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants



HAVERKAMP® OPTIMAL 70 sun protection film is a flat glass film for use in external applications. It is the combination of high transparency levels with a high degree of heat protection, high heat rejection and effective UV-protection that makes this film so special: 

This spectrally selective window film is suitable for a wide range of architectures. It has only slight tinting, with a minimal effect on the appearance of both the building and the glazing itself. This makes it ideal not only for modern structures but also for use in buildings that are listed monuments. HAVERKAMP® OPTIMAL 70 incorporates nanotechnology to ensure that there is no signal interference. It has high transmission values and offers very high glass compatibility as well as a scratch-insensitive surface.

The film is designed for quick and cost-effective retrofitting; its high heat rejection means it is able to reduce the cooling load of the air-conditioning system, which in turn lowers energy costs and results in an optimum CO2 balance for the building. 

See our supplementary data sheet for additional technical values and specifications.